Monday, August 28, 2006

You Say Potato

People planning to travel in the USA will be disappointed to learn that they have missed the 6th World Potato Congress in Boise, Idaho (20-26 August, 2006). It’s back to the same old boring itinerary of Disney World, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion until next year’s World Potato Congress takes centre stage.

The week-long event was organised by the National Potato Research and Education Foundation of McLean, Virginia. The foundation’s headquarters is nestled in the rolling northern Virginia countryside, near the home of the US Central Intelligence Agency. Perhaps that explains the excitement about this year’s demonstration of the new Potato Predator. This unmanned drone airplane can transmit aerial photographs of potato fields to help in spotting enemies such as spot weed and potato blight. (H I is unable to confirm rumours that the Potato Predator can also spot large groups of terrorists assembling in potato fields and target them with air-to-ground missiles.)

An exciting highlight of the 2006 programme was the series of expert panels on topics designed to appeal to visitors young and old. Audiences went wild during Global Forces Pushing Potatoes into the 21st Century, Potato Tuber Moth - An Invasive Pest of Global Proportions, and New Options for Sprout Inhibition. These guys really know how to stage an event.

As a service to readers, H I has obtained a partial programme of next year’s World Potato Congress:

Mr Potato Head: Master of Disguise in the War On Broccoli

Chips versus Crisps and the Anglo-American Special Relationship

Do New Potatoes Deserve Our Sympathy?

German Potato Salad and the Other Origins of the Franco-Prussian War

Potatoes and Obesity: A Study in Vegetarian Discrimination

Boiled, Baked and Fried – Thresholds of Pain

The Irish Potato Famine and the Spread of Roman Catholicism

The Diary of a Southern Sweet Potato in President Lincoln’s Kitchen Cabinet

Pommes Frites: Belgium’s Lasting Contribution to Western Civilization

Readers are encouraged to book early for the 7th World Potato Congress. Hotel rooms in Boise, Idaho are limited and the promised demonstration of the satellite guided, laser powered potato weevil death-ray weapon is sure to draw huge crowds.


Blogger Ananke said...

Oh, no! I missed the World Potato Congress AGAIN!!!! Life has no meaning. I can only console myself by dressing up Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and dreaming of making it to next year's Potato Congress. If only I lived in Idaho, it would be so much easier to remember these things. *sigh* ;-)

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