Monday, March 21, 2005

Congratulations...And A New Column Below

The poll is closed and readers’ responses are appreciated. Based on poll results, comments, and e-mails, the results are a clear victory for democracy: a compromise. For those of you who receive automatic updates of H I to your web site, that feature will be expanded; H I’s Technology Division (headquartered in the Pig & Whistle in Nether Peover, Cheshire, UK) will endeavour to improve that function. For those who simply want a short email alerting you to H I updates, a suitable subscription box will be selected by the Editorial Staff (headquartered in Big Bertha’s Oyster Bar in Pungo, Virginia, USA). Considering the fact that the eligible voters included everyone in the world with an Internet connection, voter turnout was a respectable .000000012%. This exceeds participation in the last presidential election in North Korea; H I readers are to be congratulated.


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