Saturday, February 26, 2005

SeekingYour Ideas...And A New Column Below

Homo Insapiens will be doing a bit of evolving. It is still the intention that H I should survive or perish based solely on the observations, conclusions and hopefully humorous asides contained herein. However, it is hoped that useful and interesting additions can also be made to the column for its readers. Several items are already on the list:

- recognition of other noteworthy blogs
- organisation of past entries by category rather than date
- email notification of new entries to interested readers
- a better way to thank those of you who leave comments
- RSS Feeds

Hopefully whilst H I is migrating back across the ocean, you will take the time to comment on what you would and would not like to see in this site. Sincere thanks to all regular readers and new visitors for your help and interest. Normal comments on the passing wonder and insanity of the world will resume by 2 March as will the search to find technical help in implementing what you suggest. In the meantime, one can only hope that the various air traffic controllers and airport security workers who are working this weekend actually volunteered for Saturday and Sunday duty.


Blogger Abby Taylor said...

I think you should put in one of those "Get a Free iPod" offers, along with that cool "phase of the moon" plug-in. And maybe one of those mood things where we can know if your mood was lonely, irritable, joyous... it might help us, your readers, with empathy. And maybe add a few pictures of unicorns and butterflies and faeries. Er.. maybe not. You know, not all my ideas can be gems. Seriously, in my view your blog is one of the best. Great writing, easy to load, easy on the eyes. An occasional photo or illustration here or there would be nice, if appropriate... get the ol' right brain more involved. Here's to safe travel... cheers! -AT

1:53 AM  

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